to the official website of international upcoming violinist Justina la Cour.
Born august 1996 in Odense, Denmark. Justina la Cour has played the violin since she was 6 years old.
Justina la Cour currently studies for her master degree by the famous professor Tatiana Samouil at The Royal Belgian Conservatory in Bruxelles.

Auditorium Parco della Musica. Rome, Italy Dec. 19th. 2017.

Justina la Cour Wins in Rome:
It´s our pleasure to announce that Justina la Cour has been selected first price winner - representing Switzerland and Denmark - in the "Roma Grand Prize Virtuoso" competition in Rome, Italy.
Winners concert will take place at "Auditorium Parca delle Musica, Roma." at december 19th 2017.
Justina la Cour has in Juky 2020 finished her studies and had her bachelor degree at  HEMU- The prestigious Haute Ecole de Musique, Lausanne Switzerland. At the final recital she obtained the highest possible marks

New York Nov. 26th. 2017

American Protégé
Concert Competition.
Winners Concert:
Takes place at the Weil Recital hall.
nov.26th. 2017 from 1.00 pm 
Justina la Cour will perform:
H. Wienawski
Polonaise de Concert in D major.
Stay tuned. There will be a lot of photos and live video broadcast from this event! 
Justina la Cour playing Sibelius violin concert in d minor opus 47. Lausanne, Switzerland 2018
click photo to watch...

Justina la Cour wins 1st place

in American Protégé Concert Competition: 

We are delighted to announce That Justina la Cour has been chosen as a first place winner of "The American Prótegé Concert Competition"... New York 2017  

Justina la Cour awarded 3rd place -
in The 2. Rising Star international Music Competition in Berlin june 2017.


Justina la Cour awarded 2nd place - in the Golden classical music award.International Music Competition.New York 2018