*  Justina la Cour started to play violin at the age of 6. Her first full size violin was a copy of a Johan Baptiste Schweitzer Violin build in Germany 1813.
* Later she has played a new build violin from the German master violin maker
in Bubenreuth. Kindly provided by a private supporter from Denmark. This violin is a copy of the famous Pietro Guarneri "die Venezia" 1743, also known as the "Baron Knoop".
 * After having been awarded grand Prix at the "Ars Lituanica" violin and Cello Competition in 2015. Justina la Cour had, as part of the reward, the opportunity to play for one year a violin from maker
Halle, Germany.
* Justina la Cour currently plays an original violin from maker Gennaro Vinaccia Naples, build in 1754. The violin is kindly made available by a private Danish Supporter. 


Award ceremonie at the "Ars Lituanica" Cello and Violin Competition in 2014. Justina, standing number 4 from left was awarded the Grand Prix. 
The first steps..
A New Violin:
After having tested several instruments - in cooperation with her Danish supporter- Justina la Cour has decided to order a brand new violin, build by the French master maker Nicolas Gilles.
Luthier Nicolas Gilles runs his workshop situated in the historic town center of Montpellier, France. His violins are build after inspirations from the greatest Italien makers of the 18th. century, from Cremona, Venezia and Breccia.
Justina la Cours new violin will be build specially for her, and will be ready to be picked up in Montpellier in june 2017.